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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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springfield, laconia coming up 395 toward the pentagon, heavy rain. chantilly back to fairfax. heavy rain all of this lifting off to the northeast of d.c., dream county. the rest of prince george's county, college park up to howard county. the next couple of hours are going to turn quitaround here. i know that's just in time for the morning commute. also out in the shenandoah valley in the mountain. then tonight, we've got winter weather advisories going into effect north and west of town in montgomery, howard, loudoun, frederick, points north and west. this will be some minor snow accumulations, i'll have more on that coming up in about 13 minutes. right now, monika samtani, over to you. you know, early in the morning, everyone seems to be driving fast and having light traffic but when you have road conditions like you do today, it is probably not a good idea and i'll show you why. already an accident since before 5:00 this morning on the outer loop arrive georgia avenue. car spun out there. let's show you the delays on the outer loop live. if you're planning to head there, you're going to find
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very heavy traffic on the outer loop heading for georgia avenue, stay to the left to get by. now, this is springfield. howard's been telling us that we've got heavy rain coming up from woodbridge to this point, already very slow traffic as we try to get to the beltway on 95. we'll take you over to the beltway on the south side of town near pennsylvania avenue. again, it is going to be the heavy rains as you head up from southern maryland, try to get to the beltway and down over to the wilson bridge. please keep your speed limits down this morning. coming up, i'll update you on the area roadways at 5:12. andrea and mike? >> thanks, monika. two groups of girls are facing more than a detention after a stabbing in montgomery county. >> students from kennedy high school were at northwood watching the game last night when it all started. so far, no one is in custody. surae chinn joins us from northwest high school in silver spring with more on what happened, surae? >> reporter: well, who knows what they were fighting for but we do know the fight happened at the school behind me. you can see the lit sign right
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there. it happened in the parking lot. it started actually inside the school during the basketball game and then spilled out into the parking lot. and it was between northwood high school basketball game and kennedy high school which is about four miles from here. the northwood gladiators kicked off the basketball season with kennedy high and northwood won 40-38. but it is what happened off the court which brings us here this morning. there was some type of verbal fight that spilled in the parking lot. freedom county police say a group of girls from kennedy high got involved with a stabbing, one girl was stabbed several times. she is expected to survive. reports say the victim is not a northwood high student but from kennedy, no one is in custody and police are really trying to figure out exactly what happened, what they were fighting about. but the girls apparently are not cooperating with police so it might be a little difficult today to figure out exactly what happened and who's at fault. back to you, andrea and mike.
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>> surae chinn reporting live from silver spring, maryland, this morning. a senate homeland security subcommittee is meeting today to examine whether the d.c. area is prepared for a natural or a man-made disaster. the hearing was prompted in part by the traffic gridlock that followed a freak snowstorm in january and an earthquake in august. subcommittee members are also concerned about coordination between the federal and local emergency managers. this will be the last holiday season jack johnson will spend outside of prison for quite awhile. he will begin serving his prison sentence in january. a judge sentenced the former executive to seven years in prison for shaking down developers and seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs. he'll also have to spend three years on probation after he's released. prosecutors say justice was served. the evidence uncovered in the course of the investigation, the corruption was so great, the people would assume it is fiction but unfortunately, it is reality.
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>> johnson's wife, lesli, will be stepsed in federal court on friday. the former prince george's county councilwoman pleaded guilty to try to conceal the payoff money when agents raided the couple's home in 2010. the d.c. council has given preliminary ok to a wide ranging package of ethics reforms. bill would create an ethics board with the power to punish members for violations. it would seek voter approval for expelling any council member who was convicted of a felony. council member harry thomas was present and voted for the measure yesterday. federal agents raided his home on friday. for allegedly diverting city funds from a city account for personal use. several amendments would have strengthened the bill whether they were withdrawn or voted down. council members pledged to work on possible changes before it comes up on a final vote in two weeks. political aides to former maryland governor robert ehrlich has been convicted of conspiring to use election day
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robo calls to try to suppress black voter turnout during the 2010 gubernatorial election. paul sherrick was found guilty of being behind 110,000 calls that told voters democrats had already wound there was no need to go to the polls. a judge could send him to prison for 12 years. he will be sentenced in february. time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> headline time with jessica doyle. she's here. mixed yesterday, huh? >> no problem. well, since your money depends so much on their money, we'll start with a quick check on the europe even debt crisis. global stocks are up on growing optimism eu leaders will approve aggressive plans by the end of the wouldn't he can to fix things. there are reports of a second bailout fund to supplement the existing one. wall street investors continued to proceed with caution. results looking pretty mixed. dow stands at 12,150. added 52 points in trading.
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the s&p was up by about one and a half. there is a record settlement in one of the worst coal mining disasters in decades. alpha natural resources has agreed to pay $209 million in restitution and civil and criminal penalties for the role of its subsidiary, massey energy in the big branch coal mine disaster. 29 miners were killed during a blast in the mine in 2010. a final federal report on the explosion yesterday detailed 369 safety violations at this mine, including 12 that regulators say contributed to the tragedy. it looks like the leaky coolant is the likely cause of fires that broke out in chevy volt batteries after government crash tests. a person briefed on the matter says general motors engineers are developing structural changes to make the electric car and the battery pack more crash resistant. federal safety regulators started investigating the volt's battery last month after
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three fires. they're going to continue to watch the situation. >> new technology, new issues. >> exactly. in the meantime, they'll rent you a car free while they make the changes. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> the winners and the losers when it comes to your cell phone service. >> thank you, jess. we are under a severe weather alert day today. howard is going to keep an eye on everything that's coming up including rain and snow in the mountains. >> monika is keeping an eye on traffic. it is a busy morning out there. >> find out why more potentially offensive holiday displays could be going up in a northern virginia community.
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concerned with the heavy rain potential than the wintry weather potential tonight. heavy rain today and a flood watch is in effect for the region. from forestville, not far from fedex field back down to marlboro and brandywine, ride is a tough one. heavy rains moving into d.c. rockville through potomac back through most of fairfax county into charles county as well. we'll have periods of rain today. locally heavy at times. temperatures will be falling from the upper 50s and low 60s this morning to the low 50s if not the 40s by the drive home. some of the rain will change to snow tonight. i'll have more on that coming
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up in about four minutes. right now, here's monika with more on a very wet morning commute. >> several accidents to show for it. all around town. for example, here on the outer loop after georgia avenue, work continues on an accident in the right lane causing this delay in silver spring. more on area road conditions coming up in my next report at 5:20. >> thanks, monika. a billion dollar deal to bring hot lanes to i-95 in northern virginia with minimal cost to the state. >> governor bob mcdonnell announced the deal with floor transurban on tuesday. it would pay for 90% of the cost and it would make its money back by creating tolls. it will create tolls from garrisonville to edsall. carpoolers will be allowed to use the lanes for free. others would have to pay the toll. construction on the lanes could start next year. >> the time is 5:11. we're facing severe weather
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today. howard's forecast is up next. >> we'll have some of your responses to this morning's question of the day. it is a pretty good one. we'll be right back.
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good morning. coming up on 5:15 this
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wednesday morning. a severe weather alert day. today for us, the real problem is going to be drenching rains. >> flooding rains. flood watches have been posted. we're talking two, main three inches of rain in spots before we get through this evening. this evening, some of the rain is going to turn to a little bit of snow in spots, that could cause additional problems, especially in the higher elevations north and west of d.c. i mean good 40, 50 miles west of d.c. closer in, main some slushy accumulations on grassy areas. let's start with a flood watch first. that's the immediate threat. the rains which will be heavy at times, flood watch for the immediate metro at 3:00 a.m. out west until 7:00 p.m., two areas of concern. everybody is going to see the heavy rain, main just a little lighter south and east. north and west of town, we have the winter weather advisory going into effect in montgomery and howard counties and frederick county and louden county. northern fauquier and rappahannock and the whole shenandoah valley. in the mountains in garrett county, grant county, that's where you're going to be
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looking at winter storm warnings where you get the heaviest snows. you have the higher elevations there. the bus stop forecast this morning, well, we've got rain. some of it is heavy, it is mild. 50s and low 60s. sunrise at 7:13. this is going to be an indoor recess with rain all day. mid-50s this morning dropping to the low 50s if not even upper 40s by the time you head home with the 5:00 p.m. temperature. downtown, 51. many areas already in the 40s by then. you can see the rain continuing to stream in across the region. heavy pockets from d.c. down toward charlottesville back toward the mountains of west virginia and even in toward areas farther south and west. moderate rains between hagerstown and cumberland and breezewood, hancock up toward breezewood. a lot of yellow on the map here in the washington region extending down into charles county and prince george's county. with the heaviest rains right on top of d.c. now and east along route 50 going out toward 301 where they come together. it is coming down from woodmore
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headed up into the bowie area as well. bowie is up here. fedex field up toward andrews and upper marlboro is coming down. even back inside the district, we've got moderate to occasionally heavy rain. it is a warm morning. look at the temps. 57 at national. many areas still 60, 61 degrees. we'll see the temperatures dropping off this afternoon behind a cold front which extends north and west of us. all of this rain, you could sort of make out low pressure coming through memphis. as this thing comes across, it is bringing the moisture. cold air with it and you've got the race going on. several hour window with the cold air and moisture together. that's when we're going to get the rain to change to snow. for the daytime, periods of heavy rain are going to add up and here we are at 5:00 still with moderate to occasionally heavy rain. three inches of rain not out of the question. rain changing to snow here by 5:00 p.m. into west virginia into garrett
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county. the snow line moves east. by 10:00, it might even be a little bit farther east than what we're depicting here. could be be up toward frederick, main getting in toward leesburg by 10:00 p.m. by midnight, the back edge is coming out of northern virginia. this thing will race away pretty quickly. four or five hours where we could get a little snow to fall. with that, we're not expecting a whole lot of snow because of the duration but it could come down at a quick burst. this is what i'm thinking right now. east of 95, nothing. you're going to get rain. north and west is where we've got the issues, dream, fairfax county, trace to main an inch on extrasy surfaces. you get up to frederick and leesburg, an inch, possibly two. highest elevations here two to four farther to northern fauquier county. you get into the mountains. locally four or more in the very highest elevations in garrett and grant county. the forecast today, we've got -- by the way, if you want to look at the maps, follow me on
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twitter, facebook. 56 this morning. temperatures will be dropping. little bit of snow tonight. flooding the bigger concern. tomorrow, 45. friday, 47. by saturday, another shot of cold air. blustery day. army navy game at fedex. 39. better for the 'skins at 46. tuesday around 50. let's go to monika samtani with traffic and rain. a bad combination. >> it is truly a bad combination. howard has been talking about all of the rain. we have an accident in southern maryland at accokeek at barry road. take you over to the northside of town. let me show you what it looks like live on the outer loop of the beltway after georgia avenue, the two right lanes have been blocked since before 5:00. a good 40 minutes now. this is what it is causing on the outer loop at 5:19 in the morning heading through silver spring. stay to the left to get by. back over to the maps, i also want to let you know that university boulevard west of route 29 is blocked off with a structure fire and inside the beltway, you cannot access dale
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drive between georgia avenue and route 29 because of a tree down in the roadway since about 2:00 this morning. now, let's take you back out live. this time, we'll go to the northbound side of 395 at seminary road. a car hit the jersey wall. you can see all of the activity here along the right side. we'll go to 95 on the northbound site at route 123 and wood bridge getting word of an accident in the center of the lane. more on area roadways at 5:26. >> get ready for more possibly offensive displays on the loudoun county courthouse lawn. >> we've seen the community upset at the skeleton santa set up on the lawn. we saw it this week. the skeleton santa display was there legally after the county had reversed a ban on holiday displays on the courthouse lawn. after this controversy, supervisors considered getting rid of all displays again. the proposal failed so they can be there now. the creator of the santa skelton is a christian and said
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it was set up to depict the holiday has become so materialistic. >> it was predictable. it was easy to see coming. the ku klux klan has put up crosses under this rubric of freedom of speech. i shutter to think we might get to that point. >> we just go ahead and remove the ordinance for public displays. as a community, we can come together with the government sponsoring what is tasteful there on the courthouse. >> a nativity scene along with two displays from the church of flying spaghetti monsters are also slated to go up. >> our time is 5:21. sports is next when the news continues. >> the league punishes two redskins players who just can't seem to pass a drug test. find out when they'll be coming back. >> first, we want to take another look at the question of the day. a recent "usa today" poll found 24% of adults are afraid to do this with their spouse. is it ride in a darr with them,
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take a plane ride with them or c, visit the in-laws. >> joyce wilcox wrote on the facebook page, i'm not visiting any in-laws. everything starts out nice and one day out of nowhere, they go crazy on you. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in our 6:00 hour. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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we're concerned about flooding today. potentially couple of inches or rain or more. you could see all of the water on the radar is going back into west virginia down through the tennessee valley. it will be a very wet day. here is our future cast. starting out mild. we still have some low 60s out there at this hour. as we go throughout the 9:00 hour, rain. moderate at times drop into the mid-50s here in town. midday, light rains, heavier rains in spots. we'll get into the afternoon, more heavy rain at times. notice the 40s starting to show up north and west working its way south and east. by dinnertime, still wet here. starting to see a changeover in the mountains out to the west. a little more snow tonight. more on that coming up. >> announcer: now, 9 sports with kristin berset, the best sports in town. >> good morning, everybody. the nfl officially suspended redskins tight end fred davis and tackle trent williams yesterday after rumors started a couple of weeks ago about the two failing drug tests. they are suspended without pay
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for four games which is all that's left this season. and will officially be removed from the 53-man roster. they cannot visit the redskins practice facility or participate in team activities. it is another big blow to an already injury-riddled offense. >> they're big contributors. we need everybody so that's it. >> you have to make the most of every opportunity. it is unfortunate how this happened but i have to go on. >> george mason in action against virginia. visiting virginia first half, patriots mike morrison with a big dunk here. uh-huh. i've got three to your two. he had 18 points on the night. cavs down the patriots. >> nba schedule released last night. here is a look at some big key match-ups for the wizards. they open december 26th against new jersey. kevin durant and the thunder on
5:26 am
the 13th. lebron and the team on february 10th. i'm kristin berset, have a great day. >> i'm monika samtani in the traffic center taking a live look at 270. wet road conditions coming down from frederick and a car fire now southbound route 15 at the ramp for i-70. more on area road conditions coming up at 5:31. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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i'm andrea roane. >> severe weather alert day. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. trafficwise, she has plenty to talk about already and it is only 5:30. howard, same thing, plenty to talk about. >> rain causing the traffic issues. that will be a problem all day with the rain. we have a flood watch in effect until tomorrow morning overnight. really about 3:00 or so.
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in the shenandoah valley. while we have a little snow in the forecast, the rain is a bigger concern. temperatures will be dropping all day into the lower 50s this afternoon. main even upper 40s in town. likely in the 40s north and west with the rain locally heavy at times with the wind switching to the north at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. you can see that cold off to the north and west of us. it is in the 30s in pittsburgh, cleveland and columbus. the cold air is moving in this direction. it will replace the 50s and low 60s in spots. i spoke to bill in newland, he's at 61 degrees. all of the water moving in our direction during the overnight is on top of us right now. moderate to occasionally heavy rain from d.c. up to 95,95, route one between us and columbia. some drizzle in other spots with temperatures which are running into the 50s and 60s. there is the flood watch in the metro and west. also before i go, winter weather advisories north and
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west of town. that will go into effect tonight. we're looking at a little bit of snow. i'll be back in a few minutes. show you the snowfall prediction map and talk about the rest of the week. let's go to monika samtani who is -- it has been an awful morning. >> it started right from the get go because of the road conditions this morning. we're going to start off with first the accident on the outer loop of the beltway, right here after georgia avenue. we're hearing there were injuries involved and delays since before 50:00 this morning trying to get through silver spring here. by the way, university boulevard is blocked off west of route 29 with a structure fire and you cannot access dale drive south of the beltway between georgia avenue and route 29 because of a tree down. up in fred rick, watch out for the car fire. it is on route 15 trying to get on to i-70. be aware of that as well. a quick look outside, northbound 395, there was a car that hit the jersey wall already causing delays here north of duke street on 395. we'll take a look south at the
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wilson bridge. heavy rains to contend with coming up from southern maryland. another look just like this one at 5:40. >> this morning, dream county police and school authorities are trying to find out who was behind a stabbing at a basketball game last night. >> students from kennedy high school were at northwood high watching the game last night when it happened. surae chinn joins us from northwood high school in silver spring with more on this and the drenching rain there, surae. good morning. >> good morning. it really started coming down here in silver spring. but last night, yes, it was supposed to be a fun game, a fun night watching a basketball game from two rial teams, two high schools, two rival teams but it ended with one girl in the hospital with several stab wounds. she's expected to survive. she's part of a group that came from kennedy high school. that's about four miles from northwood high school where we're standing off university boulevard west and gable street
5:33 am
in silver spring. and it all started with a verbal argument inside the school. it started around 9:00 and spilled out into the parking lot during the basketball game. around it turned violent where several of the people in the group stabbed one of the girls. she was taken to suburban hospital and police are indicating that everyone involved were part of the same high school, kennedy high school, the traveling school that is four miles away from here. but again, police are having a lot of trouble trying to figure out exactly what happened last night because the girls aren't talking. they're not cooperating with police. so, again, today will be the work of police officers still interviewing those girls who were involved in this altercation. back to you. >> all right, survey chinn reporting live from silver spring, maryland. thank you. stafford county sheriff's deputies are asking for your help this morning. they're trying to get a sexual predator off the streets.
5:34 am
two weeks ago, they say they grabbed a woman making a phone call near shasta place. he told her he had a gun and forced her into the woods and try id to rape her. she managed to fight off him. deputies have released a sketch of the man. he has scars along his cheek, possibly acne scars. if you recognize this face, please contact stafford county sheriff's office. this morning, a virginia man who spent 27 years in prison has his good name back this morning. in the 1980s, thomas haynesworth was convicted of raping three women. in 2009, dna evidence cleared him of one of the crimes and he was released under strict parole regulations in march of this year. the virginia court of appeals exonerated haynesworth with the other two attacks yesterday. meaning the state officially considers him innocent in all of the cases. he will no longer be on parole. get ready for another protest this morning. members of the our d.c. are
5:35 am
holding a protest between franklin and farragut park around 11:00 this morning. 20 protestors camped outside inside senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's office demanding a meeting yesterday. it didn't happen. more protestors gathered outside, demanding jobs. time for another "your money" report. >> jessica doyle is back with the worst cell phone service. can you hear me now? >> you're giving away the secret, mike! >> these were the undoings for at&t. we had poor voice service and poor phone-based customer care. that's the reason why at&t landed yet again in last place when it comes to customer service. according to "consumer reports" annual survey. at&t wireless ranked dead last for the second year in a row and ratings fell from 2010. er havizing came in number one in satisfaction followed by sprint and t-mobile and then at&t.
5:36 am
customer satisfaction with all four national carriers fell this year. third-ranked t-mobile fell. free shipping, no sales tax, online only discounts. a couple of the factors that have sparked an online holiday shopping spree this year. our partners at "usa today" report that consumers spent $19 billion online. that's a 15% increase over the same period last year according to comscore. analysts expect online sales to stay strong slowly giving back to brick and mortar stores as we get closer to christmas. >> 1800 burger king locations are getting freestyle fountains. you can use a touch screen menu to navigate through more than 100 drink flavors. options like coke zero are raspberry or santa strawberry. shapes like five guys have put the machines in all of their restaurants this year and wendy's and mcdonald's are trying them out as well.
5:37 am
elevation burger has them. >> that sounds really cool. i've never seen it. >> you're picking out -- >> or you can mix and match. >> let's say you like diet coke which is my favorite. you have like 25 different flavors you can do. well, not 25. vanilla, raspberry, lime, lemon, all of these options, cherry. you can make a cheri coke out of everything. >> a lot of burger kings -- my wife is a diet coke thing. >> that's been my issue. >> thanks, jess. >> time now is 5:38. >> it is the known as the day that will live in infamy. >> a look at the 70th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor when our news continues.
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howard bernstein with you outside on the wet weather terrace. it is coming down in buckets. you'll see the moderate to even some heavy rains, the yellows you see around college park, indianapolis area, that's some pretty hefty rainfall that we're looking at. that will be the case today. moderate to heavy rains. we've got a flood watch in effect. severe weather alert day. temperatures drop even into the 40s in many areas this afternoon. we've got some snow moving in tonight. more on that in the next five minutes. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> all right, howard, the rain is definitely affecting traffic. it has been since early this morning.
5:41 am
here's southbound i-270 at falls road, a car spun out along the left side. you can see police on the scene causing this delay. this is what it looks like around town. i'll have more at 5:48. back to you guys. >> union station, it is making a comeback. >> the train station's general manager announced major renovations are in the works all after last august earthquake. the 5.8 rattler caused sections of the ceiling on the plaster to crumble into the main hall and the concourse area. universal builder supply is the main contractor. >> we custom fabricate adroler system, a railway that has a sled that will carry the large span trusses that will span the floor. that system will carry a large scaffold and allow it to travel from one bay to the next as work is completed in the ceiling. >> union station first opened back in 1907, about 100,000 visitors pass through the doors every day! our time is 5:42. let's see who's celebrating a
5:42 am
birthday today. actress ellen bursten turns 79. larry bird is 55. >> d.c. native and actor jeffrey wright is 46. steve howell turns 45 today. if it your birthday, happy birthday to you!
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welcome back to 9news now. severe weather alert day. here's howard to tell us what that means. >> we're dernd about and we issue that whenever the weather will be threatening in a sense. we're not talking severe thunderstorms today. the problem with the severe weather day will be the flooding potential. the flood watches in effect. tonight we have a little bit of a snow potential. it is the flood concern that prompts that severe weather alert day. we show you the flood watch in and across the entire region up through baltimore and philadelphia, much of new jersey. the one locally until 3:00, out to the west of us in the shenandoah valley and parts of
5:46 am
west virginia, that goes until 7:00 p.m. because by then, we'll be raining as much as it will be probably snowing up there. we'll talk about the snow in just a moment. first thing's first, your bus stop forecast, rainy and mild. some of the rain is heavy. 50s, low 60s early. give them a heavier coat. by the time we go home this afternoon, we could have some 40s in spots north and west as the colder air moves in. temperatures dropping throughout the day to perhaps still in the low 50s at 4:00 p.m. by 8:00, we're back in the 40s in town with some upper 30s toward i-81 if the not mid 30s with the rain changing to snow. lots of rain out there. had the lighter showers yesterday. heavier rains yesterday. really coming down. we have reports in some areas, half an inch of rain from last night and this morning. there's more out there. locally, here's live doppler 9000 hd from d.c. north and east. seeing pockets of the yellow showing up especially up 95 going up toward baltimore, out
5:47 am
in route 50 headed toward annapolis. watch out eastern shore toward chestertown. about 20 to 30 minutes. in southern maryland, moderate rains as well. plum point coming out of charles county. it will be a very wet day, some rain totals two, main be even locally three inches before we're done. that's why the flood watch is up. it is still very mild. 59 in washington. easton, fredericksburg and culpepper at 63. look at oakland, only 37 now. they've got a winter storm warning in effect for them. 59 with the rain. humidity at 100%. our future cast shows the rain at times with us through the day. actually all day at times going to be heavy is what i want to say. by 5:00, rain changing to snow to the west. this will be moving off to the east. by 10:00 into the shenandoah valley, if not farther east. they may pick up an inch or possibly two with the higher elevations. by midnight, look, we're starting to see it shut down
5:48 am
off to the west. that will clear us out by morning. we'll be sunny tomorrow. tonight, winter weather advisories north and west of d.c. main a trace to an inch here in lower montgomery, western fairfax, eastern loudoun. but then you get to an inch or more from extreme northern montgomery through frederick, one to possibly two in the park and also out west two to as much as four inches. it will be a quick hitter. that's why we don't have the time to get more snow than that. severe weather alert day today with the rains, dropping temperatures. tomorrow, mid-40s. blustery, upper 40s friday. a chilly, windy saturday. only 39 by sunday, we're back in the mid-40s. monika? >> howard, we haven't had a morning like this in a long time. trafficwise. i mean incident, accidents all over town. we'll start with a live look at 270 at falls road. a car spun out here and for awhile, traffic was stopped to move the cars out of the roadway. you can see police are still on
5:49 am
the scene. look at the delay trying to get down to falls road on 270. we'll take a look at the outer loop after georgia avenue. accident cleanup for an hour now caused this delay on the outer loop past georgia avenue. it looks like the lanes have been reopened. we'll go to 395 northbound after duke street, car hit the jersey wall, it caused this delay right through landmark, all of this equipment here along the right side heading northbound on 395 again into landmark. this is what you're going to have to deal with. we'll go north on to the 14th street bridge. an accident on the bridge span along the right side. we'll go over to the northbound side of i-95, an accident in dumfries. all of the slow traffic in springfield. last live look inbound on i-66, an accident there as well. a two car fender-bender. more on everything going on around town coming up at 5:54. today marks 70 years since the japanese bombed pearl harbor pulling the united states into world war ii.
5:50 am
>> this anniversary of the day that will live in infamy will be a very special and somber occasion for those who survived the attack. sandra hughes explains from honolulu. >> reporter: big band music was a reminder of the year. it was 1941, 94-year-old archie gregory was a young sailor. >> you've never been back since this happened. >> no. i didn't want to come back. >> the memories were just too painful. gregory was standing on the deck of the u.s.s. arizona visiting a friend when the bombs started dropping. >> it exploded. i flew through the air. >> there aren't many pearl harbor survivors left. the greatest generations foundation brought 26 back to honolulu. this year, may be the last time many of them can travel. >> almost 2400 people died during the attack on pearl
5:51 am
harbor. most were sailors on the battle ship but there were also marines. greg garland was one of 80 marines attached to the navy. 19 years old, he enlisted and made a decision that would change his life forever. >> i never seen a marine before i joined the marine corps in butte, montana. >> why did you join the marines? >> they had some blues and i thought i would like a pair of blues. >> he can laugh about it now but half the marines died during the attack. their names etched in stone in the memorial over the u.s.s. arizona. the battle ships' remains are a tomb for the 1100 sailors and marines who died on board. >> these people stood between us and absolute destruction. they gave their lives willingly. >> bravery that will be remembered and honored on december 7th. sandra hughes, cbs news, honolulu. more than 3,000 people will attend the 70th anniversary this morning at the memorial.
5:52 am
tonight on 9news at 7:00, craig shirley, author of december 1941 will talk about the fateful day and how it changed our nation. we have a consumer alert for you this morning. if you or a loved one is enrolled in medicare, the time is almost up to pick your plan for next year. the deadline to select a medical and prescription drug plan was moved from december 31st to tonight at midnight. that change was made so the selections will actually take effect on january 1st. right now, we hear that people are having trouble getting on to the web site to make the choices but keep trying, it is important to get it done. the web site once again, or if you have trouble, call 1-800-633-4227. >> it is 5:53. we want to take another look at the question of the day. a recent "usa today" poll found 24% of adults are afraid to do this with their spouse.
5:53 am
is it... michelle king wrote on our facebook page, i'm going to say a, flied a car because i sure do know my husband can scare of life right out of me when he's driving. those imaginary brakes on the passenger side have been used plenty. >> log on to the page and leave your response and we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. >> the nation loves free apps but sometimes free isn't always completely free. that's coming up at 6:07. you're watching 9news now.
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a game words with friends gets alec baldwin kicked off a plane in los angeles. >> the stars of the sitter promote the new film in new york. bigad shaban has this look at
5:57 am
entertainment. >> actor alec baldwin got kicked off an american airlines flight at los angeles international airport yesterday after an apparent argument with a flight attendant. the star of 30 rock took to twitter saying "a flight attendant reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at the gate, not moving. the game played on mobile devices is similar to scrabble. it put baldwin on another flight. jonah hill and other stars of the black comedy the sitter walked the red carpet for a special screening in new york last night. >> that's what's up. >> the film is about a suspended college student who reluctantly agrees to baby-sit three kids next door with no idea what he's getting himself into. >> i love those kids. they're so cool and so sweet and so funny. i just enjoyed getting to spend that time with them. >> the film hits theatres
5:58 am
friday. >> martin scorsese will receive the critic's choice award from the broadcast film critics's association in hollywood next month. >> another mystery. >> scorsese who directed hugo will be honored when the show airs live on vh-1 january 12th. >> lady gaga headed to the white house yesterday but not for a performance. the pop singer met with administration staffers to discuss ways to stop bullying against kids. and that's your eye on entertainment. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. we begin 9news now at 6:00 a.m. by declaring today a severe weather alert day. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> thanks a lot for joining us, i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani with lots to talk about in traffic. it will affect your commute. >> right now, howard does have our weather first with what the severe weather alert day means to all of us. >> flooding will be the concern
5:59 am
today. one, two, main three inches could cause flooding. we have a flood watch in effect for the metro and out to the west and then tonight, a little bit of snow. that's not as big a concern as the flood potential. 59 degrees at national. some areas are in the lower 60s. we'll.dropping much closer to the average by this afternoon with some temps falling into the 40s here by late this afternoon. you can see the cold air just off to the west in pittsburgh and ohio with temps in the 30s here. that air is moving toward us as a front will be moving toward us as well. until that happens and even after that front passes, we'll have moderate to occasionally heavy rain. purple and blue here, the mix move in toward kentucky and ohio with the colder air. right now, rains all over the area. the heaviest has been along and east of i-95 coming up from woodbridge through areas of the district, capitol heights up toward areas of laurel and beltsville and bowie, route 50, it is a wet ride there


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